About Patched Software:

  • Danae Pollack - President
    Highly skilled in the trade of sales and management, Danae is able to work all aspects of the customer experience here at Patched Software. Danae most recently served as an Office Manager for Sign A Rama in San Diego, Ca. She also brings us her invaluable experience as a corporate software and customer service trainer at First American Financial Corporation.
  • Gregg Pollack - Lead Programmer and Founder
    With 10 years working in the technology industry, Gregg runs the software development side of Patched Software. Prior to working at here, Gregg worked as a Software Programmer at SYS Technologies and MP3.com. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering and a Theatre minor from Santa Clara University.


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Our History
  Patched Software started up in 2000 when we created the "Xtreme Tournament Gaming League" (XTGL), an online competition website for gamers. The XTGL was one of the first online gaming leagues to run seasonal prize competitions securing sponsorships from big corporations (D-Link, NVidia, Leadtek). The XTGL was programmed using Java Servlets with a Mysql Database.

  In 2001 we developed Gaming Leagues (www.GLeagues.com), a website allowing anyone to create and run their own game competitions online. In the three years Gaming Leagues had it's doors open we had over 10,000 members and over 400 Leagues use our tools. Gaming Leagues utilized Java JSPs, with Java Servlets, Java Custom Tags, also with a Mysql Database.

  Using the same technology, late 2001 we created Lan Party Online (www.lanpartyonline.com), a website designed for local gaming tournaments. Our tool allowed for up to 64 players on a double elimination bracket, and did all the scheduling needed for large tournaments.

  But alas the gaming software, although it was cherished and loved by the community, didn't look like it was ever going to make us any money. So about 2 years ago it all started coming down.

  So we realized we were good at putting together user friendly web-based software, but we needed to target a bigger market. Thus, our Project Tracking Tool, was born. Using the increasingly popular Spring Framework, we created a state of the art Java Web Application using Hibernate and Mysql.

  In early 2005 Gregg attended a No Fluff Just Stuff Conference where he was lucky enough to see Dave Thomas do a talk on Ruby On Rails. Since then we've jumped head first into developing Ruby on Rails web applications.

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