Spring - j2ee Application Framework

Let us create the web application your business needs to succeed!

How we do business with you:

1.    Create a list of your requirements
Before talking about money or time, we work with you to create a detailed description of exactly what your company needs.

2.    Design the solution for you
Taking these requirements we will create a design document for you to ensure that the finished product will be exactly what you need. We will then let you know how much time it will take to develop the application, and give you a quote. Yes, we do all this before money has changed hands.

3.    Code the solution
Utilizing Open Source tools we will create for you an affordable, yet thorough solution. We typically encourage our clients to go with a Ruby on Rails for their web applications.


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4.    Test the software with you
Once the application is complete we will work with you to implement it with you in your work environment. There are usually last minute features that need to be squeezed in, so we'll work with you to do the fine tuning.

5.    Deploy the application live
When you're ready to officially deploy the software, we'll be there to help you easily transition and ensure everything runs smoothly.

6.    Keep you up and running
We're not going to just give you software and leave you hanging when things go wrong. We will work with you for months and years if you like, continually improving and maintaining the software as you see fit.
We pride ourselves on the relationships we develop with our customers, we want to see you succeed!

If you have any questions or are ready to get your business moving please CONTACT US NOW.
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