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Danae Pollack

Sample Homepage
The Homepage is the first page an employee views when they log in. This page displays a list of tasks assigned to the employee and active projects they are involved with. Using this information the employee can organize priorities and evaluate what to work on at a moments notice.

See below for a walkthrough

Homepage Walkthrough and Description:
  1. The homepage is always accessible through link at the top of the page. Next to the title you can customize the URL and business name. This link can be used to link back to your Intranet page.
  2. Software Milestones and Marketing are only two of an unlimited number of tabs which can be used to link to your projects. The search tab can be used to sift through tasks, projects, or users. Search results can be exported into CSV Format, Microsoft Excel, or XML.
  3. All user navigation tools can be found in the upper right corner. If you are using our new time tracking features, your "TimeSheet" is linked here as well.
  4. At the top of the homepage is shown a quick view of the user's Tasks and Projects, which link to tables listed further down the page.
  5. The first table displays all the tasks assigned to the user. Each task can be clicked upon for further details and can be sorted for easy viewing and export.
  6. If you want your employees to log the hours they spend on each task they will then have the ability to log hours quickly and easily from their homepage.
  7. Other tables that get listed on your homepage include "Your Open Projects", "Resolved tasks you need to verify and close", "Tasks delegated to users and awaiting completion"
  Click here to view a sample Project.

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