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Danae Pollack

What is On Task!?
At the core of what makes any business efficient is a project tracking system. On Task! keeps track of all information about projects and the tasks required to complete them. Being able to reference and maintain this business data in an easy and efficient manner can increase productivity and help with setting and reaching goals.
You can use On Task! to:
  • Manage any type of task or project
  • Track due dates and important project milestones
  • Prioritize and schedule your valuable time
  • Access your project information from anywhere
  • Collaborate with hundreds of employees on large projects
Key benefits to your business:
  • Save time and money by tracking projects online
  • Communicate with employees quickly and effectively
  • No training required: easy and intuitive interface
  • Force employees into good documentation habits
  • Maintain a database of problems and their solutions
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