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Danae Pollack

Sample Task
The task page is where the most project collaboration occurs. Employees can easily access all the information needed to prioritize their work, complete their tasks, and document their solutions.

See below for a walkthrough

Task Walkthrough and Description:
  1. In the title bar under the homepage link the Project hierarchy is listed. This task is located under the project "Software Version 2.1", and then under the SubProject "New Features".
  2. All of the task information is listed at a glance.
  3. A visual representation of all the people involved in the task is shown. We find that people are more visual and would rather have a picture then just a name. Clicking the name or picture brings you to that person's user information page.
  4. Every time someone comments or modifies the task, a log is generated in the history table. This allows the company to keep a detailed record of how every problem was solved, and in turn maintain a valuable database of solutions.
  5. At the bottom of the task page, anyone can add comments and/or edit the task properties.
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